(Video preview)John Tyler, cute, lean, with his sex pierced nipples!!   Another fetish of mine. :)   Well John is a freak!   But he is an innocent freak.   He’ down for threesomes, gangbangs and everything with a woman, and knows how to eat the hell out of some pussy.  BUT he’s never been able to find a girl that wanted to do it all!  Until now!

His cock is rock hard and ready, I could feel it in his pants, but you guys know me and my trouble with belts and buttons.   Once, I just got the cock out, I had to sit on it and ride for awhile.   Then he pulled me up to his face, and started working my pussy with his tongue.   I was so surprised!   He made me cum to or three times just riding his mouth and tongue.   My cam guy noticed the fun I was having, and helped me out with direction to keep the scene moving.  I was fuck drunk just off of John’s mouth and couldn’t help direct lol.

He just kept getting me off, as you can hear, and then we discover he got off himself without even making a sound, and his load was huge.   At first, I thought it was just me squirting all over the place, because his dick felt just that good, but my cam guy quickly pointed out that it wasn’t just my cream, but a big load of man cream in my pussy too.    Then he got John to go down on me and get a taste of his big, silent load.

Afterwards we sat around naked on the bed and chatted about our hobbies and running regime.  It really was just an excuse for me to get shots of his body naked for my fans!

John Tyler wants to get into the industry, so trust me, we will be seeing more of him!

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<3 Jacki

Thanks for the hookup,Jacki.    He is a cutie and still silent! lol but it was nice to meet him



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